Saturday, January 3, 2009

Arthouse Theatre Map from PBS

As you travel, this interactive map highlights other arthouse theaters and visitor comments. Use it to find other places like The Little to add to your itinerary! Also, here's a blurb from PBS' Independent Lens, talking about arthouse theaters. To read the whole article, click on the link that follows.
From In Focus

Across the U.S., community-based art house theaters screen independent films for appreciative audiences—even at a time when home entertainment centers and video downloads have become the norm.

From glamorous historic movie palaces to down-home beer and pizza pubs, art house theaters are anything but cookie cutter, and the people that run and support them are anything but blasé about film.

Inside Indies contributor Elizabeth Meyer spoke with folks around the country who are working to keep these theaters alive.

Art House Theaters: Where Film Lovers Go Local By Elizabeth Meyer

Multiplex theaters have become a fixture of the suburban American landscape. And like their neighbors, big box stores and strip malls, the multiplexes offer pretty much the same fare from one locale to the next. Hollywood blockbusters screen next door to one another in theaters boasting as many as 20 screens.

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