Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night, opening Friday, April 9th

About the film:

This action comedy tells the tale of mild-mannered married couple Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) who fear their relationship may be falling into a stale rut. During their weekly date night, they impetuously steal a dinner reservation, which leads to a case of mistaken identity. Turns out the reservation was for a pair of thieves, and now a number of unsavory characters want Phil and Claire killed. If they can survive a wacky life-threatening night, they may just rediscover the passion missing from their marriage. Directed by Shawn Levy. Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, and Rochester's own Kristen Wiig co-star.

Interview with Tina Fey, Steve Carell and director Shawn Levy:

Q: Tina, once they took your bag away, you didn’t have any props, but you did a great job ad-libbing. How hard was that?

Tina Fey: Thanks. Yeah once I lose my purse and coat, it was just me and my arms and the night. Just my bare arms.

Shawn Levy: I feel like we thought about…it was always what are the arms and hands doing in every scene?

Tina Fey: And I was trying to hide my arms behind like a doorjamb. The only thing they didn’t take was my heels. They didn’t take my high heels.

Shawn Levy: That’s right, because of course you would keep your high heels on as you are running for your life. Always.

Q: Did you wear the heels all the time?

Tina Fey: I mean, I took them off when we were in the car sometimes. You know I would cheat a little bit. And I think we had several sets. We had this sort of grandma set and a higher set and then the higher set.

Shawn Levy: Anytime Tina ran it was an inch and a half but with an athletic strap that went across the top of the foot.

Tina Fey: There was a steel reinforcement in the heel…but really Steve built all those shoes for me. He is also a cobbler.

Steve Carell: I am.

Read the full interview here.

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