Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Artist Martin Rogers-in the Cafe through 05/28/10

Artist Statement
I find it easy to be creative.
However, the only thing I cannot create is....

From where does it come?
Why does it arrive when it does?
Where does it go?

There.... for but a moment, the image captured, then gone.

Like a gentle breeze, taken back into it's home; the roiling, eternal cosmic storm of all life, creation and thought.

It is far greater than me, the source of this breeze.
For, it is the source of ALL.

Am I using this inspiration, or it, me?
The question hangs, bloated and waiting.

As I use the brush to create, I ponder the concept of myself, perhaps being an instrument in the hand of the true, only, MASTER artist. For, is it not God?

Martin J. Rogers 5-10'

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