Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me & Orson Welles Talkback this Saturday night

Author Robert Kaplow will be at The Little this Saturday night for a talkback after the 6:30 showing. Tickets are $10.

You may know him for his books or his NPR series, "Moe Moskowitz and the Punsters." Here are some excerpts from his production diary during the making of the film.

Richard Linklater [director, Me and Orson Welles] is gracious, low-key, and excited. He tells me he’s “nervous about the Shakespeare, but nervous in a good way.”

Christian McKay is now slimmer by 26 pounds from the last time I saw him in New York (in May,) and he looks even more like Welles.

He knows his entire part by heart. His wife Emma will play Virginia Welles in the movie, and she’s lit with enthusiasm and love for Christian. McKay has so internalized Welles’s speech patterns that you feel, even when you’re talking to him casually, that you’re actually talking to Welles (whom Christian refers to as The Old Man.)

Claire Danes arrives with her English boyfriend Hugh Dancy. She’s pale and pretty and all eyes—in her cowl-neck sweater—and she has a quirky and powerful flirtatious energy that she seems very aware of, that she can turn on and off like a blowlamp: or so it seems to me. She asks me where I grew up, and she tells me she grew up in Soho with an artist father. Hugh Dancy has Leading Man written all over him: poised, playful, handsome. He tells me that my friend Marc Lanzoff thrust a copy of Me and Orson Welles into his hands outside of Journey's End in New York. Read the full article here.

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  1. Bob, Saturday evening was MOST enjoyable from beginning to end. What a wonderfully entertaining movie, and the Q&A with Robert aferward was the frosting on the cake! I was pleased that there was such a nice turnout!